We are pleased to announce the first publication of our publishing house: “Cœurs vaillants”, a collection of stories from eighteen spiritual researchers from around the world. Most of these stories are from Claire Gormley’s book “The Divine Spark” and published for the first time in 2012. We translated them into French and added some stories of French spiritual researchers. These are brave and authentic stories of researchers who want to return to the light.

Book - Cœurs vaillants

But also…

“Back to the Light” is the French version of the first book published by Claire Gormley in 2012. It is a remarkable book that tells her story of personal transformation. She left Ireland in the 1980s to escape a difficult past; She traveled around the world to seek happiness but found in her life only despair, confusion and addiction to drugs. In Istanbul in 1999, during a darkest episode of her life, she experienced an extraordinary divine experience. This deeply influenced his life, led him to find a spiritual guide and begin a miraculous journey of human transformation. It is an inspiring story that will give hope to those who suffer, are lost, feel that they have no purpose in life and all who seek light.

Back to the Light