The oriental menu below is just one example of what we can offer. Friendly and authentic oriental cuisine will bring you all its sun. The cuisine is rich in variety and generosity. Generous and sunny thanks especially to the many spices, such as coriander or cumin, and to the sweet-salty mixture very often used.

Its dishes with Mediterranean accents are an invitation to travel from tajines to couscous, for the most famous dishes, to immerse yourself in oriental traditions or to find the flavors of your last holidays.

“We are rich in what we give” (Arabic saying)


  • Plate “Thousand and a Gourmet Season”
  • Rice seasonal vegetablesgrilled peppers, carrots with cumin, eggplant caviar
  • Samoussa, tuna or beef
  • Makouda
    (Potato patties)
  • Lebanese Bulgur Tabbouleh
  • Syrian Rice
  • Soups
    • Harrira with the Moroccan
    • Chorba to the Algerian
    • Dolma of cod with peas and artichoke
  • Vegetarian curry (vegetable curry planter)


  • Khobz
  • M’Semen


  • Tajine with olives, carrots and lemons
  • Tunisian Tajine
  • Lamb confit with poached prunes with orange blossom and grilled almonds
  • Marinated turkey brochette with coriander and basmati curry rice
  • Pastilla, chicken and lemon confit and her gourmet salad
  • Pastilla, seafood and its gourmet salad
  • Fish couscous(semolina is traditionally made)
  • Lamb Couscous
  • Chicken Couscous and sausages in rosemary skewers

Vegetarian Menu

  • Vegetable Samoussa and its gourmet salad
  • Algerian or Moroccan Soup
  • Vegetable Couscous


  • Oriental pastries assortments Gazelle horn, Montecao, Baklawa, almond filled dates …
  • Scented seasonal fruit salad with orange blossom