“ Saint-Cyprien. The Seasons of the World of Mokhtaria

Mokhtaria his brother and his childrenThis evening, at 7 pm, will be inaugurated the small restaurant of the end of street Warsaw: “Seasons of the world”. A place dedicated to cooking from elsewhere, a tea room to take the time of pleasure and a catering service for all kinds of events. And suddenly, it is the change of scenery over a few square meters. The ideal environment for Mokhtaria Boucif, of Algerian origin, who grew up in Toulouse and made his place there, with a fine entrepreneurial spirit. In her early life, she took care of young children in the animation sector. But his thing in Mokhtaria is cooking. “For the story,” said the young woman amused, “I was born in a kitchen. My mother gave birth to me, in Algeria, in her kitchen. That’s where the little girl got a taste for making meals. Larger, it made a decisive encounter, that of Gérard Garrigues. The renowned chef of the late “Le Pastel”, who now works in the Museum at the restaurant “Le Moaï”, has opened his eyes to culinary art and his techniques. Having made meals at her home in her apartment, Mokhtaria, was contacted by the Renaissance bookshop in Basso-Combo to ensure the restoration of its events. Notably at the festival of the detective novel: 1200 meals on three days, it is not nothing! His scenario: boldness with its typically oriental menus to Catalonia through Russia and character ingredients with biological bias.”

Article in the Dépêche