12 April 2013
The restaurant Les Saisons du Monde welcomes:

“Les rencontres littéraires de Toulouse Polars du Sud”

In partnership with a href=”http://stcypr.ql.voila.net/association.htm”>Saint Cypr’ Quartier libre
And libraire de la Renaissance

Patricia Parry

Present “Sur un lit de fleurs blanches”
Paris 1885, the beautiful Clara Saint-James is a well-known “horizontal” of Paris. His rich protector just died leaving him a curious will.
Why is she in charge of giving a considerable sum to Victor Dupuy, a young doctor? …
For some time now, in the recently dug graves of Parisian cemeteries, we find the exsanguinated remains of innocent young people, delicately lying on white flower beds…
Clara and Victor Dupuy are going to conduct the investigation in a Paris plagued by scientific fantasies: doctors, sorcerer apprentices, journalists eager for sensationalism, leaflets in need of copies …
A whole world opens up to them, playground for street kids left to themselves and all temptations. Patricia Parry got for this book the Grand Prix du festival du film policier de Liège.