4th Toulouse Toulouse Polars 2013
May 24, 2013 at 7 pm
Crime Location:
Restaurant The Seasons of the World,
33 rue Varsovie, Toulouse


Suspect 1:
Jean-Marie DUMARQUEZ, writer
his latest novel

“City blues”

A deadly set in the heart of cities

(1st volume of City Music)
The violence of the cities transpires in his music. From techno to rap, it expresses the ill-being of a youth in search of landmarks, and becomes mellow at the tempo of a blues that betrays the suffering of this chimerical pursuit … City Music, a world that tears with accents
Metallic electronic sounds! From this complex universe, a disillusioned looser
Expedients, ageless and nameless, drags its spleen between the City and the City, between life and death. At the limits of illiteracy, he did not master the imperfect subjunctive nor the jargon of the living room, but he listened to Beethoven by delving deeply into the reading of the dictionaries he collected. Confronted with the great banditry in a history that surpasses him and which will constitute for him a revealer, he laughs, he cries, he loves, he lives … and, in a certain way, dies to the rhythm of a savage equipment … The mists of Childhood guide his steps along the paths of a path without a future. Will he find his way?

Suspect 2:
Michel BAGLIN, writer
his latest novel,

“The devil’s share and other black news”

These thirteen news announce the color: they are “black” like police literature and as humor, for they are certainly “the Devil’s part”, but also that of the smile and the investigation is a pretext for a funny Here, it is the rivalry of authors of thugs that creates the event, there, a modest orchid or the metamorphosis of a swimmer into a formidable mermaid. Elsewhere, an involuntary play on words leads to murder, the destruction of a water tower awakens the past and the explosion of a Toulouse factory, violence. In these stories we find strange people, a vigil without friends, rogues and cops without flair and old maniac discovering the devil in the chaos that wins his existence, as well as the ghosts of the Spanish War. But through the invented poet who incarnated himself one fine day in a threatening interlocutor, the mechanic recognizing himself at Flaubert’s, or the pochtrone happy to rewrite the facts, the unconscious and the fantasies that disrupt reality, In other words: the reality which is almost always caught in the trap of fiction.